Investor Center

Dear visitors,


Welcome to the Investor Relations section of MONBAT Plc’s corporate web-site.


The purpose of this section is to assist our present and potential investors – shareholders, financial media and financial analysts in receiving immediate and current corporate information and to establish full transparency in the relations between investors and the corporate management of the company. 


This section offers current information regarding the most significant corporate events, materials from both past and forthcoming events as well as the latest Corporate Boards’ announcements.


This section includes the company’s financial reports and other financial and economic data, the implementation of the internationally acknowledged good corporate governance standards. 


This section will enable our potential partners and investors to review our Corporate Governance Program, to place enquiries to the Corporate Management or the Investor Relations Director and learn more about the company and the manner it conducts its activities. Irrespective of whether you are a shareholder or you have other professional interests in our company, you can always get information about its progress.


Investor Relations Director

Daniela Peeva